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GOD’S Will Be Done…

It’s hard to write this. After 10 years of doing this for GOD, it is my duty to tell everyone that I had a plan with several articles in the works, and yes…even a book or two but GOD’S Will be done.

So, I visit the doctor tomorrow for a referral for a lung biopsy. I will keep everyone updated.


There are a few…a small handful of people have changed the world as much as they did. And the world thought them to be odd ducks. But why? I honestly don’t think the world would be where it is today if not for these three.

Interested in being alone was a particular trait of these people. Although they seemed to be loners, it didn’t stop them from becoming what the world thought them to be…and more.

The significance of the inventions of these three men were not ordinary, to be sure. They literally changed the world. Some called them a genius, others called them insane…


#1. Nickola Tesla (7/10/1856 – 1/7/1943)

“There is a difference between progress and technology, progress benefits mankind. Technology does not necessarily do that.”

This man was brilliant. Period. His work was taken seriously but at the same time others stole his work and took credit for it, even after decades.

Anything to do with the computer and wireless communication originated with Tesla…even the first machine capable of searching for extraterrestrial life!

Many believe Tesla was an alien himself, but after reading this….it caught my attention!

“…Mention is given of how Tesla, by use of some equipment he invented, was in contact with a certain race of ETs in the 30s.

He would talk to them almost daily, and eventually this got the attention of the president at the time, and so finally a meeting was arranged by Tesla with the President and the aliens. They met in 1934 and the aliens offered a new technology that would pull the US out of the great depression. This went on for awhile until in 1939 the deal was broken and the aliens disappeared into the wood work.”

Then, I found “A Wall of Light”

“…bright blue eyes and golden hair”…

Page 86…began the strange connections for me! But first…these entities said:

“We have chosen you because, as a friend of Tesla we believe you will tell us the truth. As for your humble origin, did not the Supreme Creator in Whom. We of Venus all believe -your God- chose one of lowly birth to spread the truth of your Christian philosophy.”

***Blasphemy against Jesus Christ! True, Jesus Christ was born of a mortal nevertheless…His divinity ascends above mere mankind into our Savior.

“In your Bible, you will read, “In the Beginning there was the Word” or the Truth as we call it, and of God’s desire that His children should believe-in the Word. If we decide to pass on this Truth to you, then God will surely see the channels are opened up to you to pass on His Word.” In deep humility, I replied: “In the name of Jesus Christ, I thank you.”

***DON’T YOU SEE? Lies within the truth.

Matthew described being taken to Venus, etc…so he said:

“I was amazed at the perfection of the Venusian mode of planetary government guided by a small council of wise leaders…”

***ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE and the Council of Nine. I personally believe these are what we called the Magi when Jesus Christ was born.

…which leads you to the next encounter describing their personal relationships. Marriage? No. A mutual desire. So divorce was discussed as the couple replied:

“As common as the rose voluntarily cuts itself from the bush.”

***The Holy Marriage of The Word of GOD in The Bible speaks of a union brought together by GOD. To speak of it with such disregard gives me reason to ponder our current society and its downfall.

The Power of Life: Cosmic Ray

Lastly, I must admit it is strange that one man can come up with so many ideas…so many brilliant ideas. And then we see some connections which seem to fit the New Age doctrines, which are a new spin on an old religion….witchcraft.

So many people ask, “Well, what’s wrong with tapping into energy that is good for us?”

We are following the lead of some very dangerous enemies.

Kundalini is NOT from GOD. It is pure evil disguised as good. Perfect example of how Satan works.

Ankh Energy

Do you see how these demonic entities have hovered over our universe for millennia? Feeding us evil! Feeding us false doctrines that finally took root and here we are today.

#2. Adolph Hitler (4/20/1889 – 4/30/1945)

“The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”

To some he was considered a bright, even a brilliant child but it was his activity once he became with the Thule Society that was to change the world as we knew it. It was named after Ultima Thule which is not a myth, and believed to be the original home of the “Aryan race”.

Jewish people’s blood was not allowed to flow in the veins of any member, but why? The Jewish people are GOD’S chosen.

Hitler was in contact with this race which exists “above and below” us. They were called, Vril-ya – named after a liquid energy source called Vril.

Theosophists who followed this religion originated through the Mahatma Ghandi mystics. But, it’s Helena Blavatsky who brought this to the forefront of society.

Mysticism, spiritualism, occultism, alchemy, and so on and so on.

Let’s remember this….Aleister Crowley was also a member of this society.

This magickal power to heal? To create free energy? It will come when they so. Who are they?

Fallen angels posing as; “Aliens” as; “White Brotherhood” as; “One” as; Cosmic Brothers” as; Council of Nine” as; “Illuminati” and the list is longer than my arm!

#3. Alan Turing (6/23/1912 – 6/7/1954)

“A computer would deserve to be called intelligent of it could deceive a human into believing it was human.”

Measuring intelligence is something we’ve all wondered about ourselves but what about artificial intelligence? The “Turing Test” developed in 1950 was not what we consider to be a measurement, per say. You see, Turing suggests “the imitation game,” a way to assess how successfully a machine can imitate human behavior. Ironically, recently….a WORLD NEWS WAVE that went around the social media was how the new GOOGLE Assistant will make calls/appointments and sound just like a human, complete with social interaction.

Many people believed he was in contact with aliens, and even the program “Ancient Aliens” called the piece (S11E05) “The Visionaries” touched on this subject.


Lastly, Lucifer/Satan seeks to reign and conquer. But, he does so with an image of light and beauty…disguised as holy and pure.

[“Enlightenment” – The elite believe Lucifer is the angel of man’s light…and Lucifer, like Christ, stands at the door of man’s consciousness and knocks…If man says, ‘Come in,’ Lucifer becomes…the being who carries…the light of wisdom…Lucifer is literally the angel of initiation/light. Billions of people are now following him into the days ahead, one in which mankind is NOW facing the initiation into the New Age.]

This last entry is NOT meant to do anything but show an important parallel to this!

Lucifer is a Drag Queen! A Transgender. He has HIDDEN behind women and womankind, since the beginning.

Satan is a Peacock! This symbol comes so closely fit that if you know anything about world religions, then you know they revere the peacock. Why?

He comes into this world beautiful and catches it off guard.

Spreading his wings, he mesmerizes the world.

Of course….many people believe these are two separate individuals. I don’t. I believe he was Lucifer in the highest heavens and when he CHOSE to leave his FIRST ESTATE, where GOD chose him to be placed…he rebelled. When he was thrown out of the higher heavens, he lost his identity.

It all fits like a puzzle.

The connections between the three may not be apparent but these three men had secrets they shared but the main one I am interested in is the alien ties, although we can’t forget the homosexual issues too.

I firmly believe that these three men were bisexual and/or homosexual because of contact with these demonic entities. And this same mind (the sin) has taken OVER our planet.

“I think that nothing can be more important than interplanetary communication. It will certainly come some day, and the certitude that there are other human beings in the universe, working, suffering, struggling, like ourselves, will produce a magic effect on mankind and will form the foundation of a universal brotherhood that will last as long as humanity itself.”

This “universal brotherhood” effect is a ruse. Communication with these entities is forbidden in The Bible and they know it. And, if we read our Bible then we should too!